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YouCan Cancer Support Network Ireland

Irish Cancer Support Network

YouCan Cancer Support Network Ireland

Cancer Support Group

YouCan for short, monitors a private support group on Facebook. It’s a very supportive space where you can ask questions or simply share what you are going through. We have 140 members, all of whom were diagnosed with cancer in their 20s, 30s or 40s. Some are newly diagnosed and others finished treatment a number of years ago. We support each other by sharing information about our own experiences, emotional support and having a laugh now and then. We talk about our own cancers and also the things we see and hear about cancer in the news. We discuss cancer treatment and its aftereffects. We share our hopes and fears about our fertility and our strategies for dating and relationships after cancer. We share things of interest and read each other’s blogs. We celebrate our highs and commiserate our lows.

One of the best things about having a Facebook group is that you never have to go out in the rain to have a chat with someone else who’s been there! It’s also great for people with jobs and young families.

We want to keep this a private space where people who have had cancer can talk freely about their experiences without worrying that they will upset a loved one. So, we keep the group’s settings closed and we ask everyone who would like to join to tell us a bit about their own cancer experience. We don’t want to put our members off, but we want to ensure the group remains a group by and for people who’ve had cancer in their 20s 30s or 40s.

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Popular topics in this group are:

SCANxiety (being anxious about upcoming scans)

Going back to college or work

Starting new relationships

Meeting up with each other


Life and medical insurance after cancer

Side effects of treatment

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