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About YouCan

Irish Cancer Support Network

About YouCan

Background About YouCan Ireland

YouCan Cancer Support is a charity that has been operating since 2015. We work with and for young adults who have been diagnosed in their 20s 30s and 40s.

We know all too well that having a cancer diagnosis in early adulthood brings some unique challenges and can be very isolating, so we set up YouCan to specifically support young adults.

we are not a medical care provider but we are alongside you throughout treatment and in the months and years that follow as we understand the need for continuous support and understanding.

YouCan have a great team with backgrounds working in charity and events, and our advisory panel and trustees are also very experienced professionals.

Maybe more importantly though, we get it. We’ve all been personally impacted by cancer, through friends, family and even some the team directly, so we understand. We know cancer.

In Ireland we believe if a young adult is diagnosed with cancer they should have easily accessible and age appropriate supports and networks to guide them and their families through their cancer experience.

We have a private support group on Facebook and organise occasional meet ups. We work with medical professionals and organisations who aim to improve services and we speak at conferences and training programmes to share our experience and message.

Our aims are:

  • to provide a nationwide support system for young adults with cancer
  • to advocate for consistent and age appropriate respectful care that supports the young adult with a cancer diagnosis
  • to educate the public and medical profession on the experiences of the young adult with cancer.

We’re here for you, so get in touch

Phone:+353 87 1701458
Facebook: /youcanireland

Meet the YouCan Team

Team behind the YouCan Support Service

Dorothy Thomas Chair

Caoimhe O’Neill-Forde Treasurer

Lyndsey Connolly Director

Mick Kavanagh Secretary

Gillian Chapman Communications & Public Relations

Hollie-Louise O’Donaghue Peer Support & Volunteers

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Looking for more information about cancer services?

YouCan: Centralised portal for nationwide Support Services

YouCan is run by cancer survivors, we all have had a range of different cancers and treatments, so you could say we are pros of the cancer world!

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